Life: Work In Progress

New Album Release

This is an exciting time for Adam, as a number of projects long anticipated are coming together! Foremost, is the release of his new CD "Life: Work In Progress". On it, he explores new depths as a songwriter, with all 10 being original compositions. From the self-aware "Friends In Your Corner" to the more introspective "When You're Ready" to the infectious grooves of "Let's Dance", they are all delivered with Adam's soaring, confident vocal style.

Perhaps most evocative of Marvin Gaye at the height of his creative "What's Going On" period, he weaves a social awareness into love ballads and dance pieces alike. Outstanding musical friends make it a pleasure for the ears, as well.

He is excited as well to have been a part of famed southern artist Randall Bramblett's latest release, appearing on 6 tunes, and making personal appearances in support of it.

The launch of his new website means increased accessibility; of Adam to fans and fans to Adam, and that is something he is celebrating also. Feel the joy, and experience the sound of "Life: Work in Progress". After all, it's a journey we all are on.

Adam L. McKnight

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